The colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic

The colloidal silver is an excellent bactericide, germicide and natural antibiotic, source of many “miraculous” healings, that skeptics are not willing to accept. Yet, the facts speak for themselves. Colloidal silver eliminates, often in a few minutes, more than 650 species of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds , skin funguses and mycoplasmas.

Colloidal silver is not a new treatment or a new discovery, but rather a “home remedy”. Frank Goldman in his book “The secret weapon against sickness: Colloidal silver”writes:

“It is been used in tools for children, to help protect them from diseases whose origin was not known at that time. The idiomatic expression “born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” comes from this phenomenon.  The Venetians brought water, wine and vinegar in silver containers. During the conquest of the American West, to protect water, milk and food, people put silver coins in them, to preserve freshness . Alexander the Great ( 356-323 B.C.) carried his water in silver containers . The food was served to the aristocracy on silver trays , they used silver cutlery and silver cups.

The medical use of  silver has a long tradition: the Macedonians put coins on wounds, to help the healing process. Ancient Greeks knew the herbal medicine thanks to Hippocrates (460-370 BC): he described more than 230 medicinal plants in his book “Hippocratic Corpus”. He was introduced to this science by his father, Heraclidesand then, he developed and practiced his studies during his travels in Asia Minor and Greece. During that travels, he taught his disciples that the silver flower (i.e. extra-fine powder) could heal the ulcerated wounds.
Many doctors and alchemists, as Pliny (78 B.C.), Gerber (702-765), Avicenna (980-1037), Paracelsus (1493-1541) recommended the use of silver money .
In the Middle Age, Arab physicians used the silver money to treat palpitations and fluid retention. In 1700, silver nitrate became a therapeutic option for the treatment of wounds , ulcers and skin problems.

In 1881 , Carl Sigmund Franz Crede (1819-1882), suggested to prevent inflammation of the eyes of the newborns with a treatment which consisted in the use of a 1% solution of silver nitrate. With the introduction of this practice, the rate of neonatal ophthalmia quickly dropped from 10% to 0,2.% . As a result, this practice has become mandatory in the countries of the United States and in most of the Europe states.

In 1893,  Swiss botanist von Nageli (1871-1938) discovered that it was sufficient a concentration of silver ions to 0.0000001%  to kill the germ Spirogyra, (green algae, in form of filaments) which is found in fresh water.

The anti-infective properties of colloidal silver have been developed in the early ‘900 . The Chinese have used silver in acupuncture for about 7000 years. Probably thousands of acupuncturists in the world today, still use silver needles for acupuncture .

The silver is still used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), to treat chronic fever, intestinal inflammation, gallbladder hyperactivity and menorrhagia .

In 1928 , Krause had the idea of putting silver in filtration systems for sanitary water. Nowdays more than half of the global airlines use silver for the treatment of water intended for the passengers of the aircraft. The Americans and the Russians have chosen a system of water treatment based on silver for their spacecraft .

In the United States , cities chose the silver for wastewater treatment; in some hospitals the installation of the ionization system silver/copper helped to eradicate Legionella in their hot water systems. ”

Although it is still in use, colloidal silver has disappeared from medical treatments during the advent of antibiotics in the ’30s.
Prior to 1938 , colloidal silver was considered one of the strongholds of antibiotic treatment: when antibiotics were discovered, the use of silver was abandoned.

The most important property of colloidal silver is its effectiveness against 650 bacteria, skin fungus and viruses and pathogens. It helps to reduce inflammation and promotes the regrowth of damaged tissues . It is an excellent remedy for infections, it promotes rapid recovery, it helps to strengthen the natural defenses of our body and it seems to have no contraindications are even if it could cause argyria, a permanent bluish discoloration of the skin, due to an overdose of silver. Colloidal silver is, however, a natural remedy that does not contain chemicals and can be used externally and internally. This substance is one of the best and safest anti-bacterial, it is safe even for kids, it has no interactions with other drugs, it do not develop dependence or intolerance. The only possible contraindication concerns pregnant women (which should consult their doctor before the use) and those who are allergic to certain minerals, for it may contain traces of some.

Here is a list of diseases for which colloidal silver has been shown to be useful, even from personal testimonies :

Abscesses, acne, allergies, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, arthritis, asthma, injuries, wounds, bronchitis, burns, sunburn, Candida albicans, cellulitis, colitis, conjunctivitis, Crohn’s disease, the care of the scalp, teeth (dental caries ), diarrhea, eczema, chronic fatigue, stomach infection, fibromyalgia, stomach ulcers, diabetes, cholera, malaria, leprosy and bubonic plague, lung infections, skin infections, liver, eyes, ears, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract infections, food poisoning, cysts, yeast, Lyme disease, mold, fungus, pancreatitis, dandruff, bad breath, pneumonia, colds and flu, Herpes Zoster.

Colloidal silver also helps to purify the water in the pools , to eliminate pests and mildew from plants , it is a great sterilizer,it is useful to wash fruits and vegetables, and to fight infection even in pets.

We strongly advise against the self-prescription, it always necessary ask for advice from your physician for the dosage and type of product that is more reliable.

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