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The Studded Apple


Iron is the second most important mineral in the body and it is not easy to absorb it.

Giulia Landini has shared with us a curious method to absorb iron.

Here is an extract of her blog:

I eat a lot of green vegetables, every kind of beans, nettle and thyme teas, cereals….but I always have low iron levels. I asked my nutrition therapist about the iron cycle in the body.

He explained to me there are some food interactions (like, for example, the fitates contained in the beans) that reduce iron absorption. The supplements often have gastrointestinal side effects.

He told me that vitamin C is an important adjuvant for iron absorption, so dressing your chicory, salad or anchovies with lemon juice helps iron to be absorbed.

Then he told me an old method: the Studded Apple. Take three spikes, if possible, Parigino model. Sterilize the spikes for at least 20 minutes, spear them into the apple and leave them there for 3 days. After 3 days take them out and eat the apple. The taste should be tolerable, otherwise you can blend it with rice milk and honey.

One studded apple a month, not more, brings your iron levels up to an acceptable range. That is because the apple contains malic acid that enhances iron absorption.”

This method is worth trying, isn’t it? It is an old method that goes back to the Middle Age, a well known old wives’ tale. 


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