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The best colon cleansing foods

Way of life in modern society isn’t healthy and  causes  a series of problems to your body, due  to stress, a bad  diet and pollution

Your entire body suffers from inflammations, allergies and above all digestive disorders. The most common are colon diseases.

Most of the food you eat every day are full of additives, coloring agents and preservatives that over the years  amass in your body  giving rise to several diseases. For this reason it is important to  remove them from daily diet .

A Diet rich in refined sugar  and  precooked food is responsible for colon diseases. But there is a solution: colon cleansing. How you can do it?

Eating the right food you can clean your colon naturally and in safety.

Colon cleansing has many advantages:

  • increases Energy
  • increases the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • improves concentration and attention
  • maintains pH balance in the bloodstream
  • kick-starts weight loss
  • decreases risk of colon cancer


Here there is  a list of some food helpful to improve the health of your digestive tract. They can detox your body and  help improve your body’s overall health and wellness:


  1. High fibre food

Fibres are known for a particular feature : they can relieve constipation. But fibres have other health benefits, for example they reduce the risk for developing diabetes and heart diseases.

To have optimal results, it is recommended to eat  25/35 gr of fibre  daily, that can be integrated with psyllium.  Psyllium seed husks can be useful to detox your body. A regular intake helps to keep your intestinal tract healthy. Thus your body will have much energy and  assimilate nutrients. It also eliminate unpleasant intestinal gas,  abdominal swelling and toxins. Once ingested it expands and forms a gelatin-like mass in the colon by drawing water in. Once this occurs the husks are able to “scrub” the intestines clean and transport waste through the intestinal tract.


  1. Raw vegetables and fruit

Nature gives us all we need. Eating raw vegetables and  fruit is an excellent way to detox your body and above all your colon. Raw food is high in fibres and contains antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. The high chlorophyll content of green foods  makes them ideal to protect your digestive system. Adding a decent amount of fresh liquid chlorophyll to your diet, you can detox your colon and clean your blood. Chlorophyll has also been shown to help your body work better.  Chlorophyll has numerous health benefits:  removes harmful substances responsible for cell mutations and strengthens your colon and intestinal walls. It removes odor from feces and acts as a deodorant.

3.  Fermented foods and probiotics

One of the most surprising method for colon cleansing is using friendly bacteria. They contain soluble fibres like inulin that helps remove toxin from your colon. Yogurt, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods such as kefir and kombucha can replenish friendly bacteria.

4.      Water and natural fruit juices

A common problem in people who suffer from colon disorders is  dehydration. Introducing  more liquids in your diet is fundamental to have a clean colon and a healthy digestion. So add more water and fruit juices in your diet and remove alcohol and caffeine because they are dehydrating.

5.      Garlic

Garlic is an herb which has lot of health benefits. It is also one of the foods for cleansing the body from toxins since it stimulates the enzyme production in the liver.

6.      Legumes

Legumes promotes healthy digestive system. They are high in fibres and other essential minerals like iron and potassium. Some have also healthy fats and are appetite suppressing. Most common legumes are peas, beans and lentils.

7.        Omega 3

 Daily diet isn’t high enough  in omega 3. These fatty acids helps to cleanse the system and also improves digestion.

8.      Wholemeal cereals

It is very important to integrate your diet with wholemeal cereal while removing refined cereals. Wholemeal cereals are high in fibres and nutritive properties and help clean your colon.

Fermented foods, High fibre food, Legumes, omega-3, probiotics, Wholemeal cereals

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